Shangri - La or Shamb(h)ala(h): Myths of Pure Land Translating Angelic Acts by Christopher Alan Byrne

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Christopher Alan Byrne
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Shangri - La or Shamb(h)ala(h): Myths of Pure Land Translating Angelic Acts

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Book review

Shangri - La is a volume detailing myths of a Paradise, Utopia or place inhabited of Monks or person; who are said to work to better humanity. World events in their cause and effects are theorized shadows of their work. Shambala is primarily claimed North of Tibet or Mongolia; while ancient texts translate the name to 'mountain place or pass'. They supposed number seven hidden location, and the text traces and names variety of such story. Western tradition of Shambhalah trace from 1930's book and cinema 'Lost Horizon'. Variety of literature include Thomas More of Henry VIII England; who wrote the work 'Utopia'. It is said to be an island Kingdom Mid Atlantic; who had such wealth to be able to purchase wars, live in the sun and at a peace. My volume retains theory of Shangri - La to be an inner or parallel dimension; so to work of primary themes to interpret Archangel theme into those higher principles. The volume is format of more than 150 color art and photo; while to be set of series of visual art into conceptual language. The ancient language of 'these' is reviewed basis to read ancient text, and will defy actual or written word; such as to be able to speak or write of an English in reflective manner. Alternative description to a faith or piety will detail theory to call the game ball of God to be a 'Sham' or fake; so the region or place of Shambhalah is not across an actual ocean. See art in series of a Grand Canyon, and defies to be able crossed. The denial or refusal to accept or understand the phenomenon then traces illness or disease to be impossibly traced of sin or errors against God. The interpretation suggests cost of vain error to arise miracle. The details of the 'word of God' is called the logos. The intrusion or steps to be guided of Shambala are found of a Chapter. Time, events and prophecy form the foundations of 'songs' to a walk of the angels. The concerns of falsehood, immediacy or attempts to stop the phenomenon are described. The product calls the non wise sentience of Man to be more similar of Dolphin intelligence, and is described to swim and jump of memory images. Refusals to decision are drawn of taking an anvil to pound vanities into a working mind. Art, description and miracles of the five named Archangels are set to comprehend Shangri - La; so to perceive this hidden parallel interpretation. A more contextual report will be found advanced to the ancient texts, and to include polar bear of past Saint to plunge into lives. They are found contributing guardian angels, and to form task to theory of Shambhalah to arise from sins of man. The contrasts to a Book of Revelations is shown similar to shoot or abuse heroin; such as to list examples from the millennium of Roman Emperor Nero to besiege Jerusalem Temple, and to die in coup against the 'anti - Christs'. Variety of religious texts to include Bible, Koran and Buddhism suggest a Monotheism of one God, and is proven through powers of reasoning. The quandary of fractal versus congruent language of religious worship is given a Chapter. The paradoxes of Shangri - La include Christian Bishop Titus of island of Crete and Roman Emperor Titus. The text retains a tight seal against literal realities. Roman Emperor Titus conquers Jerusalem, and then encounters new born Christianity in Rome. Vesuvius volcano erupts in 2 months, and destroys Pompeii and Herculaneum. The text will consider the myths to pay vanities to the pomp, and to assess quandary from a not causal basis of the stories. Shambala is portrayed a world spirit. It's advance is reflection or parity against the lack of name to God. The text works primarily of word defying images, and translates the myths of Shangri - La into written word/visual art.

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